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Loose Meat / Maid Rites

Loose Meat in crock
Loose Meat in crock

So I was bound & determined to recreate the loose meat sandwiches that I remembered from my childhood. Had to reach out to my people from old hometown & looked around the web quite a bit (wow, the recipes I found were vastly different & midwest folks get damn serious about their loose meat talk).

By the way, this was my main dish for the Seahawks going into the Super Bowl – do feel that I had some sort of hand in helping them handily schooling the Broncos. I could be putting more weight on my cooking mojo than should be…

Needless to say, kinda took from each recipe & made them my own – that is the way it goes when experimenting. You’ll need to try this one out & let me know if this lives up to Dairy Den loose meats from Missouri Valley, IA – that is if you’ve ever been to MV in the 70’s – 80’s.


3 lbs ground beef (85%/15% fat mix)
3 tblsp dry mustard
3 tblsp vinegar
1 14oz can beef broth (reduced sodium)
1 tblsp salt
1 tblsp pepper
1 med onion diced
sliced dill pickles

Loose Meat on Bun
Loose Meat on Bun

Let us cook:

  • Brown the beef in skillet (beef can be a bit pink as will cook in crock) – breaking up the beef.
  • Drain beef mostly – you can keep a bit of the fat/water (about 1/4 cup) & then put beef in crock pot.
  • Add dry mustard, vinegar, broth, salt & pepper – stir up.
  • Set crock on LOW for 6hrs. If possible, turn on HI the last hour to cook off liquid. If there is a bunch of liquid left in crock, pour out.


There is a certain way to serve this. Do not stray from what I tell you here dammit! Was blessed with fantastic Super Bowl guests that were very interested in eating dish as I remembered.
Plain hamburger bun, add loose meat, top with raw diced onions & sliced pickles. Add as much mustard as needed – that is it. Enjoy.

Side Dishes
Side Dishes

Lastly, I made 2 other items for Super Bowl – Potato Skin Jalapeño Poppers & Mushroom/Spinach Pockets. The potato skins were gone immediately, freaking great appetizer – none will be left. The pockets were a chore & I learned how to fold fillo sheets under pressure – am always down for a challenge. (Sorry for horrible picture, but was too enthralled with game to worry about photo lighting)

I stand behind my loose meat recipe & will fight to the death (or at least heated discussion) that this is the best loose meat next to the real thing!