Turkey Breast Post T-Day

turkey cutting board
Turkey Cutting Board

So, didn’t get to spend T-Day w/ my kid – thought I would do so tonite. Wasn’t going to go all out, but wanted to do turkey, taters & stuffing.

Got the turkey breast (4.5 lbs) super cheap of course cause everyone had already picked thru them & holiday was over. Bought this premium one for 12 bucks! Could have got a full one, but thought I would keep in pretty simple.

What its all about:

  • 4.5 lb turkey breast
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 1 cup chardonnay
  • 1/2 onion – diced
  • lots of pepper
  • you can add salt, but I didn’t
  • handful of fresh parsley
  • 4-5 tblsp of butter
Turkey Plate
Turkey Plate

Cook that bird:

  • Washed the turkey off & then removed the skin (since I wasn’t baking it wasn’t going to get crispy – this just would have created a bunch of fatty fat fat) – then patted dry w/ paper towels
  • Coated outside w/ pepper, then put in crock breast side down
  • Poured the broth & chardonnay over turkey
  • Threw the parsley, onion  & butter on top of this
  • Set to HI for 10 hrs

Have to say, this was the moistest turkey I’ve ever had (even the oil cooked one wasn’t this good). I do like the crispy skin & all that & this isn’t traditional – but found it superior to other cooking methods. Hell, even after sitting for 30 mins on cutting board – came back for a nibble – still as succulent.

Served w/ mashed potatoes & cornbread stuffing w/ oysters. Of course gravy drizzled over absolutely everything! Got lazy & did bottled gravy, but if you were to make your own the liquid from the crock after cooking is plentiful & would have worked amazingly.

Eating this while watching The Walking Dead & w/ my kid made this even more delicious.

What to do with leftovers…

1 thought on “Turkey Breast Post T-Day

  1. Hi there! I love the Crock blog and I am definitely going to make the Turkey Breast Post T-Day! I think I will broil the turkey breast skin in the oven and when the breast finishes cooking in the crock I am going to slice the crispy skin while slicing the breast. Yummo! I too love my crock! In fact I have a meatloaf cooking in my crock at this very minute. 🙂 I think my next adventure with the crock will be a Pineapple Upside down crock cake.
    I work with Deanna and was mentioning how much I love my crock so she gave me your blog address. (no I’m not a stalker, just a crock lover). 🙂

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