Wasabi Teriyaki Wings

wings, not mccartney band

Let me start out by saying that I’m not a huge wing fan. Greasy, boney, skinny & messy is how I view these. Yet, I feel compelled to make this at least once in a while for my Sunday Seahawk game day fare.

This is seriously one of the easiest ones to crock.


  • 4 lb bag of chix wings (drummets/wings pieces/non-flying bird apparatus) – can be frozen
  • 1 bottle 15/20 oz Soy Vay Wasabi Teriyaki sauce (this is the best!), but you can use other lesser forms of teriyaki sauce & it will work

A wing & a prayer:

  • pre-heat oven to 300 degrees
  • put those bastards on a baking sheet (suggest using broiler pan to let that freaking nasty-ass skin grease recede to the netherworld)
  • bake for 73 mins (turning once)
  • pour a little sauce in crock bottom while in wait
  • transfer cooked wings to crock & pour rest of sauce over the wings
  • crock on HI for 2 hrs
  • stir that damn thing up once in a while to distribute sauces & to waste some time
Bring on the paper towels – these things are messy (as per most wings)
Suggested side dish:
  • Jalapeno Cornbread
  • added in 3 fresh jalapenos
cornbread, jalapelos

Everyone enjoyed this ‘yaki wing thing & the cornbread – so I’d say this is a winner. I need to spread my wings a bit (I iz funner) & do a hot lava wing dish sometime. Suggestions?

In the words of the great rock band Kansas – crock on my wayward son, there’ll be no wings when you are done, don’t you cry no more – or something like that.

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