Pozole – This is Working for Me

i spelled it wrong, pozole
i spelled it wrong, pozole
I finally caved & went for the groin or at least the easy crock. This is an amazing dish & super delish. I’m tired of no taste so this works out.
Pork & Hominy = Sweet

1 1/2 lbs of pork – can be ribs or shoulder (cut up in 1/1 inch cubes or whatnot) – cut that fat off, please
1 onion | diced
2 cans hominy (posole)
1 can diced tomatoes
2 cloves garlic | diced
1 can chopped green chili (4 oz)
some salt
1 tblsp thyme
1/4 tspn cumin
1 or 2 diced up jalapilo pepper
1 diced up adobo pepper – blend it if you can (I didn’t do so cause my kid is a gringo toungue)
Add ons – put on top of dish:
green cabbage (sliced up all thin)
radish (same as above)
shredded cheese (mexi stuff from store is fine, no dis mexi folks)
sour cream (I like greek yogurt as it is more pungent)
a bit of cilantro (to sprinkle on top like fairy dust)
A few torillas (put in oven, before serving – wrap in foil & put on low heat for 10-20 mins)

pozola fixin
pozola fixin
Do it now!
Brown the pork in a pan w/ some olive oil
add the onion until it is soft
drain the fat (seriously, if I have to say it again…)

Drop in the crock:
combine all the ingredients(sans the add ons) & leave it alone for 8hrs. Well, you can look at it & stir it a bit & smell it cause the food is calling you.

Pull on it sport! It is done & tastes fantastic. Hominy can be boring, but when matched w/ pork & fixin’s it is a champ.

tho shalt be done
tho shalt be done
This is a very easy dish that the whole family can dig into (depending on their tolerance for heat).
Dipping your tortillas in the sauce is the best part & it gets even better after this dish has sat for a day – I think that is my favorite part of crocking is that, it always tastes great the next day. Amen.

Crock out folks. P.

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