Leafy Greens Soup = Sadness

leafy greens start
leafy greens start

Ahhhh, the French. So much culture, so much history, & so little taste.

Fermented in the crock, aaahhh, like the California wines….thats my food damn you. Orson Wells

This is my 2nd French derived dish & I have to say it may be my last. Followed directions & followed my heart (adding in my own ingredients or what-have-you), but alas these dishes come out crap. Although, on the dishes’s (sp) side is that they were both VEGGIE.

Leafy Green Soup

Thought I would give it my all & do everything like it was before/after WW2 & make everything from scratch. Those folks must have been very disappointed or had zero taste buds or super hungry in France…

Vegtable Stock (from freaking scrtatch!):

  • 8 carrots | diced
  • 6 celerty stalks | diced
  • 3 whole onions | diced
  • 3 garlic cloves | diced
  • 6 sprigs parsley (got these out of my own garden)
  • 3 bay leaves
  • pepper | 3/4 tblsp
  • thyme | 1 tblsp
  • 12 cup water
leafy green mid
leafy green mid

put in crock for 8 hrs

after 8 hrs drain into container(s) for use later

Note: I have to say – I realized how much crap it takes to make 6-8 cups of veggie broth

La Soupe:

  • butter | 1 tblsp
  • olive oil | 1 tblsp
  • small leaks | 6  of  them bastards (clean – cut long ways & soak in bowl til the dirt comes out) then dice up
  • 4 cloves garlic | minced, ooohhh fancy
  • tarragon | 1 tsp
  • pepper | 1 tblsp
  • veggie broth | 6 cups, we already made it!
  • potatoes | 3 small
  • swiss chard | 1 bunch
  • arugula (or sorrel or parsley) | 1 cup (I used arugula, so sophisticated)
In lg skillet do butter, cook leaks until soft – then add garlic, tarragon, & pepper – cook for a bit.
Add the veggie stock til boiling then transfer to crock.
Set for 8hrs!

add potatoes @ hr 2 or 3 if you can so they stay nice
At the 8th hour – the final countdown…tear up swiss chard & add – also add cleaned arugula (or whatever you had) – put crock on HIGH & let sit for 30 mins.

– This is where it gets tricky & I changed recipe! So, you’re supposed to blend all this in blender to puree – but, I don’t like my soup to be a smoothie, so I only did 1/2 of the batch. You can do what you want, that is just my deal. Just like mine to be somewhat of an actual soup & not a geriatric ward straw meal.

leafy greens b/w
Casablanca effect

Serve with:

baguette – omg, Essential Baking from Seattle area – amazing (btw, this was the best part)
cheese (I put on some Pecorino Romano – I know not French) & also some Frenchie goat fromage for app. w/ crackers

Hmmm, I do appreciate the wholesomeness & veggies, but damn if this wasn’t bland (also, I try not to add salt if I can help it). SOOO glad I didn’t puree the whole thing or it would have been mush. Kid (Vann) he kinda liked it & suffered my crock whim.

Going to give it a thumbs down & cook meat from now on.

To anyone that has read this to this point – one of my main goals is to just crock out & see what happens – good or bad. It is the highs & lows that make this actually fun & exploring food like I’ve never explored it before (sexual innuendo here).

Crock out & keep reaching for the stars.

1 thought on “Leafy Greens Soup = Sadness

  1. You can bet your ass I’m not wasting my time on this one! Can you imagine me putting this in front of Dan & calling it dinner? BTW, I made some good old chili in the Crock last night……awe simplicity.! Stop trying so hard, but…..thanks for trying so hard, so we don’t have to! 🙂

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