Prep for Tomorrow

i shall eat you

So, I picked another one that you have to prep ahead of time – next week is going to be a drop n’ stop, tug n’ run, yank n’ bounce, etc. – no more “this is actually work” crocks for a bit.

On the up side, this one will be a spicy crock to make up for last weeks fiasco of blandness.

I got me some Icelandic lamb for this dish. Why those lambs in the land of ice & snow are better than others is beyond me (I’ll find out tho), but Whole Paycheck had this flesh pickings on their blackboards.

Side note: Bought juicer & trying that out. This turned out much better than the “Bullet”. Yet is beaucoup bucks, messy & time consuming sometimes. The fresh pineapple/pear/peach morning juice almost made me squirt.

Stay tuned for crock o’ lamb…

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