Crock Full of Breakfast Casserole Thingy

Who the hell spends a night with 3 lovely ladies at a posh mall bar & comes home & rocks out with my crock out? Me thats who.

The Ingredients of Course

I possibly may have had 2 too many gin & tonics, but I still found the time to get my game face on once I got home & made up a sweet breakfast dish for my kin & friends to enjoy once we’ve arisen. I did eat a couple handfuls of the shredded cheese with some cold sausage in the making process.

You need to think ahead a tad to make this happen – chop up the the veggies & pre-cook the bacon/sausage during your afternoon free time & drop it in the fridge til later. Easiest to put the veggies & meat products together as it is easier to drop in later.

At about 10pm or 12am, drop ingredients in the crock!


1 30 oz bag hash browns
1 lb. of sausage (or 1/2 lb bacon)
1 onion diced up
1 whole red pepper diced up
1 whole green pepper diced up
8 oz (bag) shredded cheddar or mexican 4 cheese
1 dozen eggs
1/2 cup milk (or soy milk if you want man-boobs aka moobs, from what I’ve heard)
salt & pepper (I didn’t even add any salt – the sausage has enough flavor)


1. Layer the frozen hash browns then bacon/sausage/veggie mixture then cheese repeat (should have 3 layers)

2. Beat the eggs, milk, & pepper together. Pour over the whole mixture.

3. Cook on LOW for 10 hrs

Egg-cellent! You read that correctly I just used an amazingly terrible play on words. This dish was a hit – everyone had seconds.

That is a cheese fest

Depending on what floats your boat you can top with salsa, hot sauce or a bit of ketchup.

Crock That! may be changing its name to Rock Out with Your Crock Out as the domain name Crock That is already taken.

Next up, vegetarian dish with Fennel from my garden or I’m feeling like Lamb…

Well, lastly – Crock That!

2 thoughts on “Crock Full of Breakfast Casserole Thingy

  1. As one of the lovely ladies, I am flattered to even be mentioned among all the crock talk. I’d like to submit a request for a gluten-, nut-, egg-free, vegetarian crock recipe in the near future. Apologies, I don’t represent the midwest well at all!

    1. I have a request, sweet! Yes, I can do that – I have a few of vegan (taste-free, jk) gluten/nut/egg free recipes that I’ve done – that have turned out pretty damn good.
      This is what I like to call the “danger zone”.

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